Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Importance of Studying

We all want our students to do their very best! We know studying will greatly increase their chances of success.

I feel third graders are at a turning point in their educational lives for they are transforming from learning to read to reading to learn.

Sounds simple. It isn't. But given the right tools, it can become easier.

<Insert Study Guides here!>

I, for one, am not a homework assigning maniac.  Students are to practice their spelling words and study. But studying is a concept that third graders don't understand. So, study guides are crucial to learning new concepts.

At the beginning of a new unit, usually science and social studies, I give them a study guide.  It includes all of the concepts that they are responsible for, but in a question/answer format. I give them a few minutes to read over them after we have practiced new words with a vocabulary power point. I feel that it gives them a sense of confidence for the new material.  Their homework each night for that subject is to read over the study guide.

The other benefit????  Parents LOVE them. They can very easily see what concepts students are responsible to learn and help them study.

The study guides can be used with a partner OR by themselves.  That's the genius of them. The questions are on one side of the table and the answers are on the other. Just fold down the middle and start asking.

Simple, yet effective.

And the price is right at just $1.00, what a STEAL!

You can check out all of my study guides at my teacher store at TpT or TN.

Study guides include:
Science- animal habitats, animal adaptations, animal vocabulary, butterfly and frog life cycle, earth cycles, electricity, energy, force/motion/energy, magnets, matter, simple machines, soil, water cycle, and weather

Social Studies- ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient Mali, American Revolution, Civil War, economics, explorers, famous Americans, Jamestown, maps, natives in Virginia, reconstruction in Virginia, and regions of Virginia

I'm from Virginia. I know our standards aren't always the same as other states. I leave the study guides in editable form in Word. That way you can adapt to suit your needs.

Check back often. I try to post new study guides as I create them.  I'm working on Reading/Grammar Study Guides. I'm soooooo excited about them. :)

Blessings from the zoo!
The Zookeeper