Please Feed the Animals is written by moi, Ms. Horton. I have been teaching for 14 years. I spent my first year in first grade. Now THAT was a zoo scenario! (Lord LOVE all kindergarten and first grade teachers! They are specially made for that job!)

I begged to be moved higher and found myself in fourth grade. Now I was MADE for that job! I spent ten years there where I absolutely loved everything about it. I learned so much!  Then, my world came crashing down and was moved to third grade.

Things happen for a reason, right? Well, I'm on my third year in third grade and I must say that I'm beginning to love it.  I've adjusted to the curriculum and the differences in the maturity level of the students. It's different, but becoming GREAT!  I also work with a FABULOUS team! I am sooooo thankful to have two ladies that have pulled me along and contributed so much to my adjustment!  They are truly experts at what they do. We mesh so well.

I am in Virginia, which means that we are not using Common Core. Yep, that's right. We are in the Stone Age. I apologize for that, BUT I think my materials would work well in any classroom or grade level.

I am a single mother (for now) of two fabulous kids!  Lily is ten (how'd she do that so fast??) and in fourth grade.  Josie (a boy) is seven (eight in May) and in second grade.  They are my world and keep me grounded and loved!

I feel my life is a zoo most days...thus the name of my blog, Please Feed the Animals. I'm hoping I don't get devoured by all my children (yes, I'm sure you understand that they are all mine) and that I can get through each day with a SMILE on my face, LOVE in my heart for my children, and a good sense of HUMOR!

Now, back to managing the zoo! :)


  1. Hi there! I attended the Tech Splash conference last summer and sat in on your session (where I learned about your blog) - it was great! When I started blogging a couple months ago I remembered that you had a blog and was hoping I'd find it so I could follow along! Its great to see someone in the bloggy world that I've actually met!
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