Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ancient Mali???

Ancient Mali

I bet some of you are wondering how to pronounce that... It's "Molly".  Here in Virginia we have Standards of Learning. One of them is to study Ancient Mali.

Mali is in Africa.  It was ruled by kings.  We compare and contrast it to Ancient Greece and Rome.

I added to my TN and TpT stores my study guide and vocabulary power point.

Here is a peek...
The Study Guide...
Vocabulary Power Point...

There are 34 slides for students to practice reading these words.  It is also a great opportunity to review the meanings of the words.  It's hard to find material on Mali. I hope this helps and is a great addition to your Mali Unit! :)
The Zookeeper

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ancient Rome...

It's that time of year again. The leaves are falling, the weather is getting cooler, the days shorter, and ancient Rome...  (Say, WHAT?)

In Virginia we have the Standards of Learning. (Not sure why we haven't adopted Common Core????)  Anywhoo, one of our SOLs (Yes, go ahead and make fun of that. We do.) is ancient Rome.

Yep, in third grade...where they can't even remember a city from a continent.   (Love their little hearts!)


When we start a new unit for science or social studies, we hand out a study guide of basic information that the kids will need to learn for that unit.  Each night part of their homework is to review the study guide.

Here is a pic of my ancient Rome study guide.

My parents LOVE the study guides.  It gives them  a really good idea of what their child is responsible to learn.  

If you would like this study  guide or the others that I have created, please stop by my store at TpT or TN.  I would love to know what you think!

Have a fabulous Sunday!
The Zookeeper

Ready, Set, GO!!

Greetings from the ZOO!!!

It has felt like a zoo this week. We have been learning about simple machines.  The kids always LOVE this unit.

They had a project to make a vehicle to race against their classmates and all of third grade.  It always amazes me at what they come up with.

Well, my monkey #2 is also in third grade with me this year.  He teacher is one of my great friends.  When she told them of this assignment, he came home SOOOOO excited.  (Me, not so much!  Haha...)

He said, "Mom, I'm building a TANK!"  I was thrilled at his creativity.  Here are pictures of the finished project. :)

His tank was a little bigger than the racing lanes, but hey... it actually went the farthest distance! He was so excited and proud. 

(Shh... so was I.)

I helped him hot glue, but other than that, he did it. :)

What kinds of projects do you do for simple machines??

The Zookeeper