Sunday, July 22, 2012


Hello All!
I hope you are enjoying your summer!

I've been trying to figure out graphics and frames.  I somehow think I have the ability to do such things.  I could be wrong!!!

I created the following frames for your use.  You may use them for your classroom needs or to create materials to sell on TpT or Teacher's Notebook.  So, that means for personal or commercial use.  Yay!

There is also a red one and a white one. :)  Click here to get them at my TpT store.

I also decided to go ahead and add the pastel flash frames.

You can find these here at my TpT store for FREE, too.

Let me know if the frames do not work. Keep in mind that I am a rookie!

I'd love to hear how they work for you and what you have created!!
The Zookeeper

Friday, July 20, 2012

Soil Part 1

Let's get DIRTY!!!

I mean the studying of SOIL!! (Gosh, have you been reading 50 Shades of Gray? LOL.)

So, I've been revamping my unit on soil and I wanted to share the first thing I have completed.  We love to use music to help children remember things.  Our team uses the following song.  I wanted to make it a great visual for students too.  I can also put it in our "Read to Self" library.

Here is a pic of the finished product.  You can find the download here at my TpT store.

***Please note I did NOT write this song!  I wish I knew who did so that I could give them credit!!  If you recognize this as yours, let me know and I will sing your praises!

More goodies to follow. Have a GREAT day!!
The Zookeeper

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I've Been Working on the...

(In my BEST singing voice- which may sound a little like nails on a chalkboard.)

"I've been working on the railroad classroom,
all the live long day!!!
I've been working on the railroad classroom,
just to pass the summer away...
Can't you hear my whistle duck call quacking?
Rise up so early before noon;
Don't you hear the teacher shouting,
"Johnny, you better change your tune!"

Hahaha... you know I'm kidding! That last line was a hard one! So I went with being witty. ;)

(I apologize for getting that tune stuck in your brain.)

The line about the duck call is right!  With my new obsession of Duck Dynasty I have purchased a duck call. A Teal one to be exact.  Found it on sale at Walmart and danced with glee right there in the store.  I can't wait to call the kiddos to the carpet with this baby!! Can you say, "creative"?
If you haven't watched the show. I recommend it. HILARIOUS and good family values!


I've worked some today. I feel so stupid productive!  It's a Sunday and Summer Vacation! What??? 

Well, it's one of my favorite things to do... laminate.  But, before I could do that I had to make and fix some cute little posters for my classroom!  The laminating made it all worth it!

So here are some pics of today's progress.  Just a few.  I have more cutting out to do...

 This will go outside my room above my door with Horton the elephant before the word Horton.
 Rules :)

I LOVE this one. If you haven't tried this one. DO IT!! The kids especially love it.  All I have to do sometimes is say, "Keep your dear teacher..." with one of those teacherly looks we have. :)

So, are you crazy like me and have started working on your room?  
(Honestly, who are we kidding? We've NEVER stopped!)

Let me know what your theme will be. Mine is owls (and ducks) in the woodland habitat! 

Quack, quack! Whoooo, whoooo!!
The Zookeeper

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blog Hopping!


It's National Blog Hopping Day!!

In celebration, I am linking to a post that I did the other day.  I am sharing my Weekly Pacing Guide for this year.  It really helps me to stay on track.  Just click here.  (You can scroll down past my vacation pics to the pacing guide.)

I LOVE using it as a checklist.  I feel so accomplished as the weeks go by.

I hope you enjoy it and can adapt it to use for yourself! Enjoy!

Now, back to hopping!!!

The Zookeeper

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I have admitted addictions before, but Pinterest beats them ALL!

Such SPECTACULAR ideas from all over the world!  Since I'm a visual learner, this is PERFECT for me.

I LOVE all the ideas from others.


Follow me here.  There's so much to share!!  If you need an invite, comment below and leave your email address and I will invite you. :)

The Zookeeper

I Apologize...

I apologize for my absence.

I have been trying my best to enjoy my summer.  The kiddos and I went to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!  We had a BLAST!  Loved the Comedy Barn and Titanic!!  Oh, go if you haven't!

Here is a pic of the outside of Titanic.

The kiddos in front of the iceberg!  Look out!

Great fun and making fabulous memories!


July is now here and I feel that I MUST get a move on and begin preparing for a new school year!!  This is my FAVORITE time of year! A new theme... new kids... new EVERYTHING!
Raise your hand if you get almost delirious for a school supply sale!  (Both of mine are raised WAY UP high!)  Ahhh...the glory of it all.

Shh... don't tell. I have worked on a couple of things. I've already been to school and arranged my room.  Next is decorating. So, I'm psyched!  Since HORTON is my last name... I'm going to use owls and the forest for my theme!  On my door it will say, "Horton Hears A WHOOO???" with Horton's head on one side and an owl on the other!  I LOVE it!  Can't wait! 

Anyway, I also plan my year using a pacing guide.  I'm sure you do, too.  So here is a peek of mine.  Our year is broken into six weeks.  We use Open Court for Reading and Everyday Math for Math.  This limits some of the things that I am able to do, BUT it also gives me a great guide as to what I'm teaching throughout the year.  So, here is my guide.  I uploaded it to TpT site.  Just click here.  :)

First Six Weeks
Second Six Weeks

Third Six Weeks
Fourth Six Weeks
Fifth Six Weeks
Sixth Six Weeks

It is on LEGAL size paper.  I print it out and keep a copy at home and at school.  I check them off as I go.  My principal really liked them when she saw them on my desk.  I also give it to my team so that they can use them if they choose.

I hope you can use them.

Now back to Pinterest!  I'm soooooo addicted!!!  :)

The Zookeeper