Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Apologize...

I apologize for my absence.

I have been trying my best to enjoy my summer.  The kiddos and I went to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!  We had a BLAST!  Loved the Comedy Barn and Titanic!!  Oh, go if you haven't!

Here is a pic of the outside of Titanic.

The kiddos in front of the iceberg!  Look out!

Great fun and making fabulous memories!


July is now here and I feel that I MUST get a move on and begin preparing for a new school year!!  This is my FAVORITE time of year! A new theme... new kids... new EVERYTHING!
Raise your hand if you get almost delirious for a school supply sale!  (Both of mine are raised WAY UP high!)  Ahhh...the glory of it all.

Shh... don't tell. I have worked on a couple of things. I've already been to school and arranged my room.  Next is decorating. So, I'm psyched!  Since HORTON is my last name... I'm going to use owls and the forest for my theme!  On my door it will say, "Horton Hears A WHOOO???" with Horton's head on one side and an owl on the other!  I LOVE it!  Can't wait! 

Anyway, I also plan my year using a pacing guide.  I'm sure you do, too.  So here is a peek of mine.  Our year is broken into six weeks.  We use Open Court for Reading and Everyday Math for Math.  This limits some of the things that I am able to do, BUT it also gives me a great guide as to what I'm teaching throughout the year.  So, here is my guide.  I uploaded it to TpT site.  Just click here.  :)

First Six Weeks
Second Six Weeks

Third Six Weeks
Fourth Six Weeks
Fifth Six Weeks
Sixth Six Weeks

It is on LEGAL size paper.  I print it out and keep a copy at home and at school.  I check them off as I go.  My principal really liked them when she saw them on my desk.  I also give it to my team so that they can use them if they choose.

I hope you can use them.

Now back to Pinterest!  I'm soooooo addicted!!!  :)

The Zookeeper


  1. I love your theme idea with the play on Horton.

  2. Thanks! The kids love to tease me about my last name and the elephant. I thought they would get a kick out of it. Dr. Seuss rules!

  3. I love how you are going to use Horton the cute! =)

    My oldest niece loves anything to do with the Titanic.

    Heather's Heart