Monday, February 27, 2012

Teachers Pay Teachers

Wow. I did it! I just posted my first product on Teachers Pay Teachers! I'm so excited! I know it's just a study guide, but it's a start!  (Yes, I am usually this excitable. You'll get used to it.)  
You can download it for free here. :) My students love to get in pairs and ask each other the questions. It's soooo easy. They fold the guide in half, ask the question on one side, and then see if their partner is right by looking on the other side.  It's fabulous for self-study, too! Parents love them because they don't have to quiz their children.

I'm in Virginia, so I posted our Standards of Learning at the top. This gives parents a clear picture of what their child should know with this unit.  If you are from a different state, feel free to take those off. I have left this in Word as a document so that you may edit it for your use.  Enjoy!

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