Saturday, August 3, 2013

Holy Organization, Batman!

I've been feverishly working on Back-to-School paperwork. We start on August 13, but our Open House is August 8.  Lots and LOTS to do!!!

Here is a chart that I created so that I can make sure to get back all of the paperwork that is necessary. I have it on TpT and TN for FREE!!!!  Just click the pic!

Head on over and get you a copy! You can edit it for your needs. Yay!

I also created one with my owl/forest theme.

Adorable, huh???? 

Then, of course, I worked on my schedule.  I'm a mom. So, I always think about the things that I would want from my children's teachers.  Schedules are IMPORTANT!! I created the following for parents to keep a copy at home. I tell them to put it on the fridge as a reference.  I've always gotten a GREAT response from parents. It is an item that IMPRESSES!! 

The blank one is a template. Just type in your information. 

Our school system is set up on a six weeks schedule.  I don't like traditional grade books. We have PowerSchool (an online grade book), which I LOVE, but I'm not always in front of a computer when grading papers.  I created this grade sheet/checklist to keep me a little more organized.  I can type in my students' names and print out six for the six weeks we are in. Then I put them on a clipboard.  It goes with me anywhere I think I'm going to get a chance to grade some papers. Then, when I am in front of the computer, I can type in grades. 
It's just another great tool that I use everyday. :)

I hope that I have given you some great things that allow you to be more organized. 
Now, back to the Bat Cave...

The Zookeeper


  1. Hi! I found your blog address on another blog and thought I'd come visit! I love your ideas and I'm always looking for other 3rd grade teachers to interact with. I'm a new blogger, but please stop by and join my blog at Have a great year!

  2. Yay! Another 3rd grade teacher!!! I love sharing! I'm headed over to see your blog now! Thanks for following me!
    Have a great year!