Saturday, March 3, 2012

Contribution: My Nemesis!

There are certain things that students just don't get. (I see you shaking your head yes.)  Most of the time (in my classroom) it deals with vocabulary. I have for years tried to get the word contribution to stick in those sweet little minds.  It has become my nemesis!!

So, this year I got creative.

This is my door...

This is what it says...

Before this one, I had a snowman and a poster saying, "Come in and make a CONTRIBUTION."

I also have one on the floor at the door that says, "You CONTRIBUTE so much to our class everyday!"  Of course it is covered with contact paper for durability.  We seem to be (slowly) getting it. I shall CONQUER this nemesis this year!  :)

Any suggestions for what to put up next????  OR do you have a way of teaching contribution that I can "steal"?

 Do you have a nemesis? I want to know what it is!  Comments, please!
The Zookeeper

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