Monday, September 3, 2012

Homework Sheets

Communication with parents is a MUST!  One thing I make sure to send home each week is a homework sheet.

It looks like this...

I always include my email address, website address, vocabulary words, spelling words, and upcoming events.  This way parents are informed about what homework their child has for that day.  Some teachers include a parent initial box for each day.  I don't do this in third grade.  I want to make sure that kids are starting to be responsible for their own work, but it is easy enough to add if you wish.

I keep my files according to weeks on a jump drive (flash drive) and a back up copy on my hard drive.  This saves me time the following year.  I already have the vocabulary and spelling on the homework sheet, I just have to change the dates and notes. It has become a time saver!!

I always get great compliments because of my homework sheet.

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Now, back to the zoo!!
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