Saturday, April 7, 2012

Book Order Idea...

Greetings from the (home) zoo...

I wanted to share an idea that I had for our last book order in March.  I gathered four of the book orders  and stapled them together.  (I use Scholastic.)

I then copied and attached the letter below to the front.

(I was trying to get this embedded using Scribd and there must be a secret way to do that!... Ugh... Sorry. Your patience is requested.)


I handed  them out and allowed my students some time to browse through the order. We talked about reading the titles and the summary of the books.  We talked about the power of persuasion and a job around the house that they might do to work for their books.

I then had them to write down their "Top 3" books that they'd like for their parents to get.  (I made sure to tell them to capitalize and underline the titles.)

I then had them fill in the prices and total their order.  They were very excited to give them to parents. I got back more orders than I normally get and the students were tickled to work for them.  I kept getting asked when the order would be in.  The excitement was almost tangible!

I also covered several standards while doing this and they didn't even realize!  Hehe...It's fun to trick the monkeys now and then.  :)

The bunny should be here soon. Watch out for those jellybeans!
The Zookeeper

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