Friday, April 6, 2012

We Survived!

Ahh...Spring Break... Oh, how I've missed you!

Our break began for us on Wednesday at 1:00.  Don't you just LOVE early dismissals?

I wanted to post yesterday and even on Wednesday, but had to get batteries for my camera before I could put up our pictures of our spring math review!  I went to the store twice and forgot batteries both times.  Lucky for me, I remembered today! :)

Our math review was a success!

They absolutely LOVED the egg hunt!  We learned that we had too many centers inside for them to rotate through.  (We were all exhausted by the end.)  So, we will tweak those parts for next year.

My group started off with the egg hunt.  I was so busy watching them running around for eggs that I forgot to get pictures of that part!  So, here is a team after getting the eggs and sitting down to answer the questions.

There was one person from each of our third grade classrooms on a team.  Along with regular eggs, we hid a "golden egg," too.  It was worth 20 bug tickets.  (That is what we use for our rewards program.)  They LOVED the golden egg!  It took us about 45 minutes to find the eggs and answer the questions.  There were three questions each from the four core subjects. We didn't make them super easy. They were a good challenge!  The winning team's prize was a chocolate bunny! They were awarded this after lunch.

After we got inside, they rotated through multiple centers in two different classrooms.  They stayed on the same teams.  They worked really well together.  I think the change of faces was good for them!

Now for the pics!! Here we have the "bunny hop".  They donned the cute bunny or mouse ears and were asked a multiplication problem.  They then had to hop out the answer on the number line.  I thought the boys would not wear the ears, but they did and never complained! Yay!!

Here students had to sort out commutative and identity properties.  They also sorted some true or false problems. Next time we will need to have an answer key for them to check.  This one is a hard one for most students!

We used the SmartBoard for our combinations center.  They could drag the characters and see how many combinations they could make. They always love the SmartBoard!

Here students counted and developed fractions using Smarties candies.  They loved eating the Smarties when they finished.

Here students find the area of the bunny flag using flats from our place value kits.

This one was a favorite!

Here we used Twizzlers for measurement and making geometric figures.  Then they ate the Twizzlers. Yum!

We were soooooo tired when we finished, but it was sooooo worth it!

These were just a few of the centers that we used.  The others worked well, but my camera battery died on me. (Boo!!)

What are you doing to review for testing?  We are thinking of making a "living museum" for our history review.  We just need to get our ducks in a row... quack, quack! ;)
The Zookeeper

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