Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Vocabulary...

Greetings Fellow Zookeepers,

I hope this day finds you as happy as a bird with a french fry!

I have added a couple of vocabulary power points to my TpT store and my TN store on Greece, Rome, and Mali and Economics.  (There are some other topics there too, just browse around for awhile. I won't stop you.)

You may have missed my posts on using power points in the past so let me explain them briefly.

I open lessons with them.  We sometimes read them slowly, sometimes quickly, sometimes in a Spongebob voice, sometimes in a whisper... (you get the picture).

It has really helped my students with content area words!  If you use them consistently with the unit that you are teaching, they are a great resource!

They are also good for transitioning students from one activity to the next. We come to the carpet to read them.  It offers my monkeys a way to get up and move some!  Then, as we read, we can be a little silly (did I say that?) and then get down to business.  It usually takes us less than 10 minutes of the lesson AND they aren't forgetting the words!  It is actually SAVING time!!

PLUS, I don't get frustrated over their lack of enthusiasm when we go to read the text because they are able to read it SOOOOO much easier than before and they seem SOOOOO much more interested!

ALSO,they are helping EVERYONE in my class- ESL kids, special ed kids, gifted kids, and regular ed kids.  I wish I'd thought of this sooner!

I'm feverishly working on more so that I can have them for review.  It will help to re-familiarize them with the words from units that we did at the beginning of the year.  (Check my store often for updates.)

So, check them out.  Try them in your room.  See how you like them and then let me know what you think!

The Zookeeper

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