Sunday, April 8, 2012

I've Been Tagged!

Wow, playground games even on the Internet! COOL!  Thanks, Jillian over at Just Tinkerin' Around for tagging me.  (If you haven't visited her blog, get over there! It's super cute!)

So, I've been tagged and here are the game rules:
1.  You must post the rules. (check)
2.  Answer the 10 questions that the tagger posted for you. (check)
3.  Create 10 questions of your own to ask the people you are going to tag. (I'm working on those.)
4.  Tag 10 people and link them with your post.  Let them know they've been tagged! (Working on this too.)

Here are her questions and my answers...

1.  Where/What do you teach?

I teach third grade in Virginia.  I have a self-contained classroom so I teach all subjects.

2.  What is your favorite font?

Jokerman is my favorite.  The title says it all. ;)

3.  Do you have a favorite grading pen? Or stamp? Or stickers?

I use a Paper Mate Flair M in Black...(If you didn't read that with a James Bond sexy voice, go back and try it.)  I don't have a favorite stamp or sticker, but I want a stamp that says... "This grade is OK. It will make your child work harder next time!"

4.  When does your school get out for Summer?

We get out for the summer on May 15.  I think it's too early to really be summer.  We go back on August 8.  I think it's much hotter in August than in May!

5.  What is your all time favorite lesson/unit to teach? Why?

I'm a science person.  My favorite time of the day and lesson is calendar time. I have tried to incorporate as much into that 30 minutes as possible!  It revolves mostly around science and math. The kids say that this is their favorite time of day, too.

6.  Any guilty pleasures on the weekend?

Not really, I'm a boring mom who tries her best to recover on the weekends.  I do like a couple of shows, but they aren't really weekend shows.  They are Deadly Women, Hot in Cleveland, and any crime show. So, my favorite channel is Investigation Discovery!

7.  What one thing could you not live without in your classroom?

I am a techno-ADDICT! I have been known to panic if the Internet is down for just a few seconds! (It happened last week for THREE days.  Yes, THREE WHOLE DAYS! I was about to throw fits when I got the call that some switch had been replaced and I could put down the knives use it again.)
BUT, I would be COMPLETELY LOST if I didn't have my SmartBoard!!  One day this past winter, my computer, George, had an issue with his monitor.  I went into full blown- call me a substitute- panic when I realized that JohnBoy (my SmartBoard) wasn't going to work!  I sat down, put my head between my legs so that I wouldn't faint and thought.  (Ask my children, they were silent witnesses!)  Solution?  I just needed a laptop.  Any laptop.  Who had laptops?????  I went straight to the principal.  (I rarely go to the principal for anything!)  I explained in my shaky-half-sob like voice that I needed one.  (She knows me so well and immediately found me one.)  I had to use it for almost a week before the monitor was fixed/replaced.  I was almost ready to email the techno-Gods at central office when a man carrying a monitor entered my room.  I greeted him with the same enthusiasm that a dog greets his master after being gone on vacation!  He did not return my enthusiasm. But, I didn't care! It was working!!   So, long story short long...  JohnBoy- my SmartBoard.  (I really cannot think back to how I taught before getting a SmartBoard! My poor students!)

8.  Favorite piece of technology?

Hands down... the SMARTBOARD!! Yes, you read this right above...he has a name... JohnBoy.  Don't you laugh, I grew up watching the Waltons!

9.  Body wash or soap?

I use body wash.  A subtle coconut is what I prefer.  But if necessary, I have been known to steal the cute little bars of soap that my son uses.

10.  What does your classroom smell like?  Candles? Diffusers?  Plug-Ins?  (You were getting desperate for questions, weren't you?? LOL!)

My room is actually pretty scent-free. (Is that a real word?)  I am allergic to most smells.  I get headaches and then turn into a raging monster, so, for the safety of the children, I ask for a scent-free zone.  So, nine/ten-year old body funk is probably the only smell that is pronounced in my room.  (I'm sorry, you asked!)

I thought I'd post these and come back tomorrow with my questions for my tag-ees...

Gotta go stalk some blogs and trip tag some people. Wish me luck!

The Zookeeper


  1. Hey! Just found your blog. I'm your newest follower.

  2. I LOVE your blog title! Too cute! I am a third grade teacher also. I am a new follower.

    Please stop by and visit when you get a chance.