Saturday, April 7, 2012

Famous Americans Vocabulary

I wanted to throw this out, too.  (Boy, I'm ON IT today! Ha!)

We finished up a unit of "Famous Americans" this week.  I used the zip file that is found at my TpT store to help with vocabulary.

My lesson goes like this...

I pass out the study guide and vocabulary study sheet the first day of our unit.

Each day we read the words from the power points as fast as we can.  If needed,  I use the words in sentences to help with meanings.  It's a great way to build reading skills with context clues!

I do these things before we ever read anything in text together.  This way my students have a better idea of how to pronounce the more challenging words and build understanding of their meanings.  I have found that this builds student confidence! My reluctant readers and English as a second language learners feel more at ease with the unit vocabulary!

As a review before testing, we play the “Password” game.  To make sure that everyone is involved, we play with partners and they switch after each word.  They get so excited!  

Vocabulary can be such a hard thing for kids to grasp!  I hope this helps! If you have any great ideas on vocabulary, please share! Thanks!

The Zookeeper