Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Fun and Testing Review

Greetings from the Zoo!

We are counting down to testing and we are surprised at how very little time we have!  We will begin testing on April 19th.  Sounds far away, right?  WRONG!! We have only 8 full days left to teach. E-I-G-H-T!!!
Our spring break falls in there and steals our time. Don't get me wrong, we need the break. I'm just feeling a little panicked... Join me, won't you???

My partners-in-crime, Lisa and Candie, and I decided to do some fun spring/Easter things for the monkeys to change things up a bit.  Some review for our tests! Yes, that's the ticket!

After some discussing, we decided to make a morning of it! We decided to mix up our children for some added fun.  (Our children are so tired of each other right now, it is for their safety and our sanity.) ;)  We are going to let them pick a letter out of a basket (A, B, or C) and that will be the group that they are with for the activities.

Lisa had the idea of an egg hunt with review questions inside the eggs. They will "hunt" an egg of each of the colors.  They will then sit down and work out the review questions.  They will race to see who finishes first.  The team that finishes first gets a big chocolate bunny!

We decided we would focus on math and create centers to rotate through while one group is doing the egg hunt review outside. Each teacher will be in charge of a group and we will rotate through two classrooms set up with centers and then the egg hunt will be right outside in the grass and shade of our classrooms. preparation we took each strand of standards and came up with some activities.  We then divided to conquer. (Which is most definitely our motto.)

I've been working on combinations, volume, and estimation.

First, combinations...

I've used some springy clipart from Graphics From the Pond over at TpT to create the combinations SmartBoard center.  They are turning out cuter than I expected!  I made several slides to keep them busy. Here is a look at two.

Next, volume...

I'm going to use the idea below for volume.  I snatched it from Pinterest.  It's originally from the Corkboard Connections Blog.  I've super glued the marshmallows together so that they stay that way. I built an example and one with a question.  Then the children are going to get to build their own.  When they are finished they get a handful of marshmallows to eat!

Lastly, estimation...

The other center I'm responsible for is jelly bean estimation.  I have a mason jar filled with different layers of jelly beans.  Students are going to estimate the number and then use clues to figure out how many there really are in the jar.  I left the jar at school or I'd have a pic for you!  (Says dirty words under her breath!)

I can't wait until Tuesday. I will most definitely take LOTS of photos to share!

So, are you doing anything fun for your class to review for tests?  Let me know! I could use some terrific ideas!

Until next time... try and catch that rabbit, will you???  He may have chocolate!
The Zookeeper


  1. Your blog is super cute! I am excited to be your newest follower! :)

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  2. Hi Tammy - I love your blog - cute title and graphics. I also love pictures posted to see what you are up to..very cool. I teach first -- -come on over and visit sometime. I'm your newest follower. :o)
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